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What is BLUE?

BLUE is a Westside Church initiative to study a book of the Bible together! This five-week series includes weekend messages, a daily study journal available for purchase, and pop-up community groups as ways to move toward this vision. BLUE is meant to be an adventure! An adventure that takes us deeper into the story of God together.

How To Start a BLUE Group

Starting a BLUE group is easy. It can be as simple as pulling together your friends and family once a week, or you can take it a step further and open your group to new community. By leading one of our “open” pop-up groups you would simply be a facilitator of the discussion questions already provided for you! If you are interested in leading a pop-up group, just visit the BLUE Info desk in the Atrium and pick up a leader packet. Or email our Community Life Coordinator at


Pop-Up Group Sign-Ups

If you are looking for some community to go through this study with check out one of our pop-up groups provided for you! You can choose what time and location that works best for your schedule and then email the leader directly to receive more information.
It may require initiative and vulnerability but we believe the fruit of community is worth it! Also, be sure to pick up one of our BLUE  journals to take you through the study!

Coming Soon!

Journal Info

We are excited to announce that the Westside Resource team has written and produced a three month Bible Reading Plan and Journal.  The Reading Plan covers all of the gospels and starts on Feb 1 and goes through March 31.  The exciting part is that our next six week Blue Series “The Way of Jesus” is built right into this journal (includes group discussion questions for those six weeks).  The BLUE series starts on February 18th and goes to March 25th.  This combo three month Reading Plan/Blue Journal is fantastic, and we encourage every person to participate in this study!