Let’s Get Together

Join us for two exciting events this Christmas as we celebrate the season and Savior. Christmas is better when it’s shared.

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Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Join us at any of our campuses for Christmas Eve as we hold a traditional candlelight service for the whole family.

Service Times

Bend Campus & Sisters Campus, Online Campus

December 24th: 2:00P, 4:00P, 6:00P


Candlelight Service – Join us for a Traditional Candlelight service featuring Christmas songs, acoustic arrangements, kid’s reading, and a message of hope from our Pastor.

Service Length – Approximately 1 hour.

Kids Ministry – Care for kids will be available for 4 years old and under, children above this age are invited to attend service with their parents. There is always a special reading for kids during the message on Christmas Eve.

Parking & Seating – Our team is ready to serve you. Parking and seating in services are on a first come first served basis. Both campuses have 2 entrances and exits, please carpool if possible as these services will be full.

How should I Dress? – Come as you are. Some may choose to dress up for the occasion but our environment is generally casual in attire.


Our Creative Team has developed a wonderful Westside curated kids Christmas Story book called “Song of Hope”. Author Victoria Stern and illustrator Stefanie Crowe have joined together to write a beautiful book about a bird name Ari who has lost his song. Pick up a copy after any service at the table and share the joy. Only $15.