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Divorce Support

12-week class

Your marriage may not be able to be put back together but with the help of God and Divorce Support, you can be put back together. You can experience hope and healing. Divorce Support is a video series with small group discussion and a weekly workbook. Our prayer is that you will join us to heal and develop a deepening relationship with God through Jesus Christ. You are not alone. Divorce Support is a 12-week class that includes three key elements that work together to help you find hope and healing.

Three key elements are: 

  • Video seminar about divorce-related topics.
  • Group discussion facilitated by Divorce
    Support leaders.
  • Personal study and application of concepts
    through a personal workbook.

Divorce Support on 12/03/18

12-week class
Atrium Conference Room at 6:30pm

Located at the east end of the Atrium, between the Chapel and Atrium.
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