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Broken Dreams

Growing up all that Hayden Crook had dreamed of was being the famous, star athlete that he had worked so hard to become. When the unexpected happened amidst his successful college football career, he began to question and search for an answer to the emptiness that overtook him. The harder he searched, the more he found Jesus pursuing him with unwavering love.


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Wearing a hoodie, jeans and some converse, Josiah Stern, looks like your average seventeen year old. Except that he’s not. Behind that slightly scruffy face and sweet smile, Josiah wears a badge of honor. A badge not desired by any, but nonetheless earned. Josiah earned it along the rough road walked alongside his family and those impacted by the devastating disease known as ALS.


We’re facing a crisis in our nation and in our region of mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, and suicide. What does the bible and Mental Health experts have to say?


With a passion to see the next generation truly experience who Jesus is, Aaron Schrader stepped out of the walls of the church where he had served as a youth pastor, to brave the halls of a local high school as a teacher. Aaron is committed to reaching kids who would never step foot into at church setting. He chooses to be present in the lives of his students and brings his faith into the sometimes volatile world of the public school setting with subtle, yet life-impacting steadiness. His students and their families experience authentic care and God’s love in some of their most challenging moments through Aaron and his committed approach.