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Leaders lead out of who they are on the inside. – Gary Haugen

What might happen if you and I were awakened to the truth that we have a greater influence than we know? Inside each of is the potential to be change-makers, inspiring others to go further and succeed. We are challenged to see the unique ways God has created those around us and let our leadership validate and encourage their potential as well. Maybe the mundane routines of life have numbed us and urged us to settle for “just fine,” but this is not our God-ordained purpose or His call on our lives.


God, the King of Creatives, desires to touch our right here, right now lives with His innovation and creativity. He desires to birth something new in us that would challenge us to be the very people He designed us to be; to be leaders influencing our broken and hurting world with hope. God is urging us to step up to the line and fill our place as Christ-followers who are fully awake. Our homes, marketplaces, community, and world desperately need us.


God has carefully put each of us in a unique place and equipped us with all we need to make a difference. His work in our spirit, intellect, and talents will spark new life in our workplaces and relationships – if we will let it. Our faith community is stirred by this thought and together we want to ask the questions that will wake us up from our apathy. We desire to become leaders that wield our influence with humility, strength, and wisdom, and to lead others in authentic relationship that is anointed by God.


This past summer, Westside hosted the Global Leadership Summit (GLS), a gathering of emerging and seasoned leaders in need of a fresh spark. This two-day conference was full of world-class speakers with content that served to refresh and inspire over 350 leaders from or community. GLS was an amazing opportunity to reach beyond the walls of our church to impact businesses, educators, and entrepreneurs, with both faith-based and secular leaders alike. As teams of colleagues engaged in this conference, they walked away with new ideas and practical skills to put into practice come Monday.


Equipped with fresh insight, confident leaders are released to lead with integrity and innovation. We believe that as leaders in our community are strengthened, the impact will be tremendous.


Westside will host GLS in 2018 and invites you to the experience this inspirational gathering. For more information, visit HERE.


Written by: Jenna Anderson || Photos by: Bubba Sellars

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Facing tragedy more than once in his life, Trey Anderson has encountered God in tangible ways through the community that God placed around him. Community isn’t always easy, but it is a powerful agent of change in a hurting world. Through God’s people and the power of worship, Trey has walked through loss as well as miracles that have shaped who he is and how he sees God.


Each of us is uniquely gifted and positioned to impact those that God has placed in our sphere of influence. God has called us to lead; to lead believers and those in the marketplace alike. People are hungry for a leader worth following. One that leads in everyday life with authority, wisdom, and vision.


The decision to follow Jesus is monumental.

When we choose Jesus, we profess that He presides over our lives and we choose to lay everything aside in pursuit of Christ. But we do not walk the path alone.