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Life. Love. Jesus.

Westside Church in Bend, Oregon, exists to equip men, women, and children to extend the life and love of Jesus in their world by helping them know Jesus and become more like Him. Becoming like Jesus means loving like Jesus. The motivation that fuels every aspect of our mission is the way of Jesus. His life, love and purpose are everything to us. 

Westside is a Foursquare Church. Foursquare was founded in 1927 in Los Angeles, California. Passionate about the good news of Christ and incredibly resourceful, the first Foursquare congregation fed an estimated 1.5 million people in the city during the Great Depression. Today, Foursquare has 68,000+ churches around the world in 136 countries. What we Believe: Foursquare Website.

A Church For the City

The gospel is transformative, expansive, Jesus­-centric, and for everyone, everywhere. This gospel gives us a clear mandate to be present with people; to be by their side in their suffering and in their celebration; to meet needs and champion the lives of others. We are compelled to move outside our familiar and comfortable environments to be with and for others – all others – always.

We desire to embody the way of Jesus: to love God and love people. Like a river overflowing its banks, we see the gospel of Jesus moving into our neighborhoods, transforming lives and communities. As we intentionally engage in proximity to our city, we will see the life and love of Jesus bring transformation to everyone, everywhere across Central Oregon.


Recent Sermons

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Ben Fleming, Steve Mickel, & Evan Earwicker

Senior Pastors
5.25.22 Daily Devo | We’re made for community, but we’re not very good at living in it. We hurt others and others hurt us. But it wasn’t supposed to be this way, and Jesus and the Trinity model a different way for their church to relate as we live together in the world.
5.24.22 Daily Devo | Paul teaches us that we are “his workmanship”- that we are beautiful, lovable, and everything God created us to be. We should always start with this posture that we are deeply loved when we think about all the parts of ourselves.
5.23.22 Daily Devo | Another way to think about spiritual formation is the concept of muscle memory which is the ability to reproduce a particular movement without conscious thought, acquired as a result of frequent repetition of that movement. Consider some of the Christian practices you could develop as muscle memory in your spiritual walk.
Join us tomorrow as Pastor Bo continues through our series Renovation of the Heart.⁠
9am + 10:30am
5.20.22 Daily Devo | Can we live with a will that is transformed towards the will of God? Left to myself I focus on outcomes, but in Christ I rest in the process

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Westside is a Foursquare Church in Bend, Oregon

If you need assistance or wish to speak to one of our staff or pastors, stop by during office hours at 2051 NW Shevlin Park Rd in Bend. Contact us using our Contact Us form or by calling 541-382-7504.