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Nick Vujicic at 1W

Join us this Wednesday as internationally renowned speaker, Nick Vujicic, joins us to share his heart for people and daring through adversity. 6:30 pm West Campus  

The Table

Casey Parnell  I live in a small studio right across from Bend’s equivalent to Central Park; minus the multi-million person metro surrounding it. I used to own a house and so I had actual furniture for a season of time, but when I sold the house I sold everything else. This left me without a kitchen table for a number of years.

Compassionate Love for a Hurting World

Chris Earwicker Lisa* paced nervously outside the doors of our church.  Although she had been personally invited to attend our Day of Beauty, she seemed unsure of the welcome she would receive.  Her demeanor was guarded, tired and devoid of hope.


Whitney Parnell The church has always had to walk a fine line when it comes to relevance. Are we supposed to meet people where they are, or does the presence of Jesus speak for itself? Does striving for excellence in our field really bring glory ultimately to Christ?

This Moment in History

Steve Mickel We started a new journey together back in October of 2013. As Pastor Ken Johnson handed the leadership of Westside Church to a group of young leaders, we declared, as a church family, that God had brought us to this moment in history. You, just like me, are where you are for a reason.

Creating Open Space Through Collaboration

Bo Stern I remember the first time someone nudged me toward the idea of writing a book.  In spite of the fact that I already wanted to write, and even had about a million book ideas and prototype chapters stashed away in my computer, the suggestion filled me with fear. Heart racing, eye twitching (my classic fight or flight response is the eye twitch which is exactly as awesome as it sounds), I stuttered out, “I…I don’t think I could.  I can’t imagine ever showing anyone my work.” Lack…