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Connection Fair 2015

Here at Westside, we aspire to be a movement of believers, sinners and dreamers who are extending the Life and Love of Jesus to everyone we meet. We are on mission everywhere we go. We are a part of a movement of grace.

“Being Right” – Resources

I’m concerned over the increasing cultural and political polarization in the US. I feel frustration because so many are talking, and so few listening! I feel concern because there’s so much emphasis on Being Right and so little on Being Kind!

Serving to Find Connection

KELLIE MICKEL’S STORY Have you ever thought, “Wow, this church is so big, it’s really hard to get connected.”? For a lot of us, we want to take a step toward connecting more deeply to those in our world. Our family, our friends and neighbors; we long for community.

Memorial Stones : Looking Back To Look Forward

After God miraculously made a way for His people on dry ground through the Jordan River, He commanded them to build a memorial with stones representing each tribe. The stones were to serve as a memorial for God’s forgetful people of His mighty power and relentless love. It was within the context of community and reflection that God was glorified and His people were reminded of the God they served.


We are super excited for the upcoming series Mixtape! It is a 4-week series of 4 different speaker addressing current “burning” or “passionate” topics from their hearts. We asked these 4 speakers to give us some of their favorite songs to create our very own mixtape for Mixtape.