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We often look at the events surrounding Jesus’ death and resurrection from 30,000 feet above. When you know a story from the beginning to end, you tend to lose compassion for how the characters are processing their current situation. The result lends itself to thinking Peter is weak for denying or John is fearful for running away.

Hope is an Anchor

Hope is an Anchor is an Easter song. Not in the sense that you can only sing it when peeps and cadbury eggs show up in stores (mmmm…Cadbury eggs), but in the sense that it really is about the resurrection of Jesus, the truest hope of every Christ-follower. There are quite a few worship songs about hope and anchors these days, and I think it’s because Hebrews 6:19 is poetic and powerful and really good song-writin’ material.


Easter Friday was a powerful, explosive, difficult, terrible day.  As I tried to build a message around it, I wrestled with the heaviness of it all and found myself wishing it was happier or easier to read.  I got up early one morning to work on it, but instead of going back to my notes, I just sunk into the story.  I read it in every gospel and many translations and here’s what I decided: the story is dark and beautiful and I won’t make any apologies for that. It’s the story that…

Easter at Westside || FAQs

What’s the Dress Code?Generally, we like to say we’re “Central Oregon casual”, but at Easter all bets are off. You will definitely see plenty of jeans and t-shirts, but you will also see children in giant, floppy hats who have never before donned a giant, floppy hat. You just never know what you’re going to get at Easter.