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The Power of Questions

Two weeks ago here at the Westside Blog, we talked about resetting your family for the season of Fall and how one might have a structured conversation to do that. Part of this conversation involved asking questions. Questions are powerful.Questions are the driving force in relationships.

Why Conflict Resolution Matters

We often talk about how the Bible is a blueprint for our lives. It shows us how to be good people, faithful friends, and the hands and feet of God to the world that He loves. A tall order, really. Let’s take that order and break it down into a bite sized piece: Conflict. If you plan to love the world around you, the first thing you have to be prepared for is conflict.

…Before The Fall Season

Hot Topic: Grounding Your Family Before The Fall SeasonSummer is long and loud and fun and so, so busy. If you have multiple kids in multiple grades, I’m surprised that you’re even reading this right now. Between day camps, overnight camps, conferences, visiting family, family vacations, work trips, lessons, first jobs, summer internships, and play dates, it’s impressive that the average family still remembers what the others look like. This is part of the fun and madness …

In Scriptural Defense of Decency

Politics are sticky. In this great country, we the people are blessed to have a part to play and voice to be heard in the process of selecting our leaders; a process that has grown stickier each election. In many ways, your political views have become synonymous with your religious views – which is not all bad. Our relationship with the Lord should permeate every area of our lives and especially our major life decisions, such as, whom we see fit to lead our country. This mingling of Go…