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Trust Assessment

This questionnaire is designed to help you assess your trusting level with God and discover areas where you may want to take a step toward Him. The orientation is your trust in God. It is built upon two overarching categories of trust: Trustworthiness and Trust Readiness.Individual and God Assessment

The Life of David in 40 Days

Read.Gather insight by highlighting and underlining. Write a paragraph about what applies to your life from the reading. Pray that the truth you’ve read will sink deep into your heart. January 1:  I Samuel 1-2January 2:  I Samuel 3-4January 3:  I Samuel 5-6January 4:  I Samuel 7-8January 5:  I Samuel 9-10January 6:  I Samuel 11-12 January 7:  I Samuel 13-14 January 8:  I Samuel 15-16&nb…