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December 30, 2020

Under the theme “All Things New,” we will focus 21 days of January on praying for the new things God wants to do in the coming year. Evan Roberts, a key figure in the Welsh Revival, prayed, “Lord, bend us.” When we think of prayer, it’s often in the context of our plans. As one year winds down, we look forward to the next with its promise, and we pray. As important as it is to go before God and ask His blessing on our work, it is so much more important to simply go before Him and pray a prayer like that of Evan Roberts. Prayer that invites God to have His way must always precede the work of the Spirit. An invitation into the same humility and trust that marked Evan Roberts. Let’s pray with a common heart and a unified vision for 21 Days of Prayer + Fasting, beginning Jan. 3, 2021.