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21 Days of Prayer

Join Us in Prayer

Each day, for twenty one days, we invite you to join Westside and other Foursquare churches around the globe for a consistent and united time of prayer.

Beginning on Monday, January 9th, spend a few minutes each day with Pastor Steve in a daily podcast and written reflections as he walks through the day’s theme with scripture and prayer. You’ll find each day’s content below as it’s released, and you can also subscribe to the 21 Days of Prayer podcast.

Foursquare has also assembled a Daily Prayer Guide that we can use as we journey through this season, as well as a Family Moments resource for families with kids.

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Day Twenty One

To the ends of the earth, to the end of the age— we are to...
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Day Twenty

Because God blesses us with His vision, we can share His light in our communities.
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Day Eighteen

Spend special time today in worship and praise.
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Day Seventeen

What should we do before anything else?
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Day Sixteen

Let’s remember and pursue the peace “which surpasses all understanding.”
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Day Fifteen

Jesus’ sacrifice reminds us that we can have joy despite our trials.
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Day Fourteen

We put our hope in our Soon-Coming King and His promise of forever.
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Day Thirteen

As we look forward to His coming, let’s prepare for Jesus’ return with love and...
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Day Twelve

How can we ensure that our lives will bear fruit?
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Day Eleven

Let’s join and pray for a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit in us.
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Day Ten

Praise the Lord—He breaks the chains that bind us to sin and the world.
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Day Nine

God is at work all around us, and miracles are everywhere, if we just open...
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Day Eight

Healing was central to Jesus’ ministry; let’s make it central to our ministry, too.
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Day Seven

How can we unite in such divided times? Only through the love and bond of...
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Day Six

What a gift we have in Christ, in His forgiveness and freedom from condemnation!
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Day Five

It is by God’s grace and that we live and breathe and have our being;...
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Day Four

When we accept and live as disciples for Christ, our lives should bear fruit.
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Day Three

Allow God to speak through you today, and remember you bear His image to the...
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Day Two

Ask, seek and knock today as you approach the Lord for the desires of your...
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Day One

Jesus, “the one and only,” is worthy of our worship and exaltation today.
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