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What Happens During Service?

We start with worship – typically have a mix of contemporary songs and traditional hymns. Don’t worry about knowing the songs, we provide the lyrics so you can sing along, and of course you don’t have to! But our talented worship teams, music and energy are contagious, so you might find yourself tapping your feet and singing along pretty quickly! After worship, we’ll make a few announcements to let you know about events coming up and opportunities to serve our community, and we will take an offering. One of our pastors will teach for about 30 minutes. From start to finish, the total service time is about one hour.

What Denomination Is Westside Church

We are a Foursquare Church. Foursquare was founded in 1927 in Los Angeles, California by Aimee Semple Mcpherson. Passionate about the good news of Christ and incredibly resourceful, she fed an estimated 1.5 million people in the city during the Great Depression. Today, Foursquare has 68,000+ churches around the world in 136 countries.

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What Will My Kids Do?

Your kids will have a great time! We work hard to create engaging, fun experiences that give kids great, Biblical teaching and memorable interactions. For parents, it’s a great time to focus on the service and know that your kids are not only having a blast, they are learning and growing in their faith! Our AMAZING volunteers and staff in the kids programs are always available to answer questions, help with concerns and give personal care to your child, so don’t hesitate to ask! If you prefer to talk to someone prior to visiting, contact us and we can make sure you and your kids know what to expect.

How big is your church?

We have about 2000 people who come through our doors during the weekend and a total church body of about 3000. We value community and hospitality, and we want you to come, have a cup of coffee and get to know our church family!

Can I Come If…

I’m a single parent?
I’m gay?
I have tattoos?
I was in prison?
I’m not sure if I believe in God.
Will I be welcome at your church?

Of course you are welcome! No one is perfect, and we all have sin, pain and doubts in our lives. We won’t water down the truth of God’s word or what He expects of His people, so you might encounter some challenging truths in our services. However, we know that Jesus came to save every single one of us, and we want to see Him move in all of our hearts and lives, no matter where we’ve been in the past or what challenges are in our lives today.

What Is The History Of Westside Church?

Our church started in 1954 as Bend Foursquare Church, located on NW 14th Street. Church attendance grew slowly but steadily until the facilities became a complex of small buildings that covered almost a square block! Ken Johnson and his wife Linda became our lead pastors in 1986. In 1989, we changed our name to Westside Church. We moved to our present West Campus location on Shevlin Park Road in 1990. In 1994, we outgrew two Sunday morning services, so we started a Saturday night service. We continued to grow, and introduced new classes, new facilities and new youth and children’s programs through the years. In 2013, Pastor Ken retired and Pastor Steve and Suzanne Mickel began as our lead pastors. God has been faithful to us and we are grateful for His love and leading in our church.

Here’s the timeline:

  • 1954 – Birth of Bend Foursquare Church
  • 1970 – Howard and Velma Heimbuch pastor Bend Foursquare (1970 – 1980)
  • 1982 – Cliff and Mary Hanes pastor Bend Foursquare • 1986 – Ken and Linda Johnson pastor Bend Foursquare
  • 1989 – Name changed to Westside Church, Heirborne radio broadcast began
  • 1990 – Moved to new building on Shevlin Park Road
  • 1994 – Saturday service began
  • 1997 – Discovery Classes introduced
  • 2000 – Completed Oneighty Youth Center
  • 2001 – Completed Family Room and TruthTown expansion
  • 2003 – Adopt-A-Block program began, Dream Center is purchased, first year of Cascade Master’s Community is celebrated
  • 2006 – Celebrated Ken & Linda Johnson’s 20th year of being pastors of Westside Church
  • 2007 – Began Growing Better Heart 1st Building Initiative
  • 2012 – Completed construction of atrium.
  • 2013 – Pastor Ken Johnson retired and Pastor Steve Mickel became lead pastor
  • 2017 – Opening of the Family Commons for families of children to gather and connect

FAQ’s – So You Have A Few Questions?

That’s great! We hope we can answer them for you. If you can’t find the answer below, send us an email and we will do our best to get you the information you need.

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