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Recently I ran the Canyon Rumble Frozen Half Marathon in Madras. The race coordinators lovingly had us start and finish up the “M Hill”. It was torturous. I have never ran in Madras and there was no way I would know the way except for three things: 1) the people I was running with – some seemed to know the way because they had ran it before; 2) the markings on the ground pointing in the right direction; and 3) the wonderful volunteers scattered at all the crossings to help us know which way to go.
As I’ve contemplated one of the names of God, wonderful counselor, these are the images which come to mind. First, isn’t it amazing that God came in the flesh and ran with us? He knows the way through temptation, uncertainties, chaos, and when things don’t go as planned. I can follow Him along the path and He runs at whatever pace He needs you to run – He doesn’t lag behind nor go to fast.
Second, His word is like markings on the ground, pointing us in the right direction. I have been freshly amazed at the ability the Bible has to be relevant to my life and whatever is happening in the world. Open up its pages and you will discover the same.
Lastly, the Spirit of God is waving us on and encouraging us. The volunteers in this race were remarkable. They even had a jazz band setup playing for us as we ran. The cold water, Gatorade, and smiles they were handing out were so encouraging. All the while clapping their hands for us and pointing us to the next section of the race.
That’s what Wonderful Counselor means to me today. And isn’t it amazing that God invites those who believe in Him to do the same? To stand at the critical junctures in people’s lives and point them in the right direction as they applaud them and hand them cold cups of water. To run with others through the same trials and temptations we have gone through. To breathe life and encouragement over every soul we see.

– Steve