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My favorite toy growing up was this little, well-made, hard plastic Superman. He was small enough to fit in my hand, to fly him around my house, and, with him, to create imaginary adventures. As Pastor Bo shared last weekend, “We want a superhero that fits in our hand, that we can control and manipulate. We like the baby Jesus in the nativity set where he will stay where we put him. Where he doesn’t mess with my money, or get invasive, or calls me to a higher standard.”

The problem with seeing God as my toy Superman, is that kind of God actually can’t do anything. He can’t protect me, he can’t fight for me, he can’t help me be a better husband and father, and he certainly can’t take me on grand adventures that are real.
I don’t want a God I can control and manipulate. I do that pretty well on my own. I need a God who is bigger than me, mightier than my circumstances. A God who will call me on my crap. A God who is so loving and so strong that I fall on my face, both in terror and in peace.
Maybe instead of picturing God as this little superhero who can fit in your hand, maybe he’s the one holding you. And if you allow Him to work in your life and lead your life, maybe you become that superhero in His hands. Maybe then, under His control, you can truly be brave.

– Steve