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ADVENT || DAY 7 || Twist & Turns

“I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.” Then the angel left her. Luke 2: 38

Have you ever noticed that God’s ways aren’t our ways or His thoughts our thoughts? If you have been a follower of Jesus for longer than a day I am certain you find this to be true. I know it’s true for me. As I look back at the winding path of my life I see how God has led me on twists and turns that I would have never imagined in my wildest dreams. Sometimes the twists were adventurously great and other times the turns were unexpectedly painful. All I know is He has never left my side. And because of this truth, I choose to trust Him.

Sometimes the mysterious plans of God are quite frankly bizarro in my view. The lives of our family of faith found within the pages of the bible remind that in this I am not alone. The story of Mary is just one of those strange trwists. Who would have thought that the God of the universe would break through with glory amidst the scandal of teenage pregnancy? Probably not my first thought and yet God knows the intricate elements of His plans and how they affect every heart involved. I have learned that He alone is worthy of our trust.

The thing that amazes me amidst Mary’s unexpected plot line is her response. Can you believe it? In the face of an angelic visitation and astounding news from heaven Mary responds with immense humility, obedience and faith. I believe it was the foundation of her faith and her intimate knowledge of her God that allowed her to answer as she did. God’s plans will continue to be miraculously absurd in the best and sometimes hard ways.

The question I ask myself this advent season is, am I ready for God to throw me a directional curve ball? What if His answers to my questions lead down paths I never considered?

Will I trust Him?

Am I rooted so deep in Him and His character that I can respond, like Mary, in humble faith?

Am I willing to accept God’s surprises and plans as an adventure led by my faithful Shepherd?

If we are willing to dig deeper into knowing and being found in Him I believe that our lives will possess a freedom to say a hearty, “yes” to Jesus which will forever change us. In the coming year embrace the mysterious plans of God and see how He might use you on Kingdom mission.

– Jenna