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The Gift of Peace

John 14:27 (NLT)
I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.

One of the last conversations Jesus has with his disciples, he predicts his own death, his betrayal by one of his disciples and Peter’s denial of Him. Then He promises that he is not leaving them alone. He is going away and sending another, the Holy Spirit. He is leaving them with the gift of peace. Of mind and heart and knows the world will never suffice and could never offer the same peace he does.

Do you see what he says next? “So…” The natural outcome of the peace that Jesus promises is to not be troubled or fearful. Does this remind you of anything? Last week we read another passage in Isaiah in which the Lord tells his people, “Comfort…” meaning courage, strength. Again we see how Jesus being Mighty God and Prince of Peace go hand in hand. He is able to do what he sets out to do and that is to save us from sin and bring about reconciliation and restoration — peace.

The Christmas season doesn’t lend itself to being a peaceful time. It seems as though we are even more busy than usual. There are parties, and gifts to be bought, and stockings to stuff, and trees to cut down and decorate. Peace is not the overwhelming feeling of this season. Stress and anxiety are. How can you slow down this week season so that you can enjoy and sit in the peaceful rest that Jesus offers?

Lectio Divina Practice
As you walk through the Lectio Divina today, read the scripture above and meditate on it, allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal himself to you.

  1. Silencio: Come into God’s presence. Quietly prepare your heart to meet with and hear from Him.  Slow down, relax, release the noisy thoughts that crowd your mind over to him.

  2. Lectio: Read the scripture above slowly and out loud, let words resonate with you. Be aware of words that stick out to you. When a word or phrase grabs your attention, stop reading. Sit with it. Open your hearts to what God is saying to you. Underline the phrase, make notes of what you’re hearing. Don’t analyze it or judge it. Listen and wait.

  3. Meditatio: Meditate. Read the Scripture a second time out loud. Savor the words. Listen for any invitation that God is extending to you in this word. Reflect on the importance of the words that light up to you.

  4. Oratio: Respond, pray. Read the Scripture a third time. Now is the moment to enter into a personal conversation with God. There is no right or wrong way to do this. The important thing is to respond truthfully and authentically. What feelings has the text brought about in you? Talk about where you are feeling resistant or want to push back, and of where you feel invited into a deeper way of being with God.

  5. Contemplatio: Contemplate, rest and wait in the presence of God. Allow some time for the word to sink deeply into your soul. Yield and surrender yourself to God. Before you leave, you might consider a reminder that can help you dwell on this word throughout the day.

Family Moments
Read John 14:27 together. Jesus left us with the gift of the Holy Spirit so that we may experience the gift of peace. What do you turn to for peace? Pray together and ask the Holy Spirit to comfort you.  How does knowing Jesus is the true source of peace encourage you to come to Him?