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Community Group Questions – 10/31

Pray: To open your time together.

Read: Exodus 35:30-35

Consider: Some thoughts for your group

This week we are introduced to another unsung hero of scripture named Bezalel. As Exodus tells us Bezalel is special not just because of his skill with design and craftsmanship, but because he was filled with the God’s Spirit. God used both the skill and the heart of Bezalel to help build the most important physical space in the Hebrew world, the Tent of Meeting.

There are few sacred spaces left in our modern world. We still build temples of our modern age, usually in the form of arenas for concerts and sporting events, but for the Hebrew people the most important and sacred space was the Tent of Meeting that became the center of worship for all of God’s people.

At the time, the Tent of Meeting was the only place in the world the Spirit of God resided and there was a tremendous amount of ceremony, repentance, and cleansing that every individual was required to partake in before they could enter this sacred space. By God’s grace and through the life, death, and resurrection of Christ, this sacred space is no longer hidden behind a vail for the religious few, but instead Christ has torn the vail and made all the earth His dwelling place.

Group Questions:

  1. Why was it so important that Bezalel not only had physical skill, but a heart for God and a life filled with the Spirit of God? What would happen if your gifts and talents were fully put to use for the glory of God? How might your life look different?
  • What are some sacred spaces that you can identify in our modern world? What makes a space sacred?  
  • Why is it important for the people of God to gather? How do you experience the gathering of the church today? Is it a sacred experience to you? Why or why not? Where else have you experienced sacred spaces of worship outside of the church?

Closing Prayer:

Spend some time praying for one another. Ask if anyone has prayer requests for the week ahead and pray for the space you are in right now to be sacred as the Holy Spirit ministers to each of you in your group.