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Community Group Questions – 5.29.22

Pray: To open your time together.

Read: 3 John 2; Matthew 11: 28-29; 16: 24-26

Consider: Some thoughts for your group

Scripture teaches us that Jesus cares for every part of us. The work of Christ on the cross confronts every space of brokenness in our world. Christ confronts sickness and disease. Christ confronts injustice and oppression. Christ confronts sinfulness and pride. And Christ confronts the weary and despondent soul of humanity.

Much of our world neglects our internal self. Our bodies and our minds are fed to overflowing in our culture, but our souls are often left untended and exhausted. Jesus sees and cares for this part of us, even though we may not fully understand the soul itself.

Jesus promises that as we come to Him and transfer the burdens of our heart in faith to Him, He will give rest to our souls. To care for our soul is similar to caring for our body or mind, we must create time and space to tend to it well.   

Group Questions:

  • How much attention have you given to the care of your soul? How familiar are you with the idea of your inner self?
  • Why is it that we give so much attention to our physical bodies or our mental health, but not to our soul? What habits in your life help care for your soul? What habits drain your soul?
  • Read Matthew 16:24-26 aloud in your group and ask yourselves the questions presented to us: What good is it for anyone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? What can anyone gain in exchange for their soul?

Staying Curious:

What might it look like to make time this week to pay attention and give rest to your soul? If that idea seems foreign or unnecessary, take some time to sit with the scriptures we highlighted at the top of this page.

Closing Prayer:

Spend some time praying for one another. Ask Jesus to meet each of us in our soul-care time this week, that we might transfer the weight of our burdens in exchange for the promised peace of Christ.