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Community Groups Questions – July 25

Read Romans 6:17-22

What does it mean to be slaves to sin? Paul says that when we come to Christ our allegiance is shifted from sin to righteousness. Have you experienced this shift? What does it mean to be a slave to righteousness? What differentiates the life as a slave to sin vs the life as a slave to God?

In Romans 7:4-6, Paul uses the metaphor of marriage to describe our new life in Christ. How is our life with Christ, free from both sin and legalism, like a new marriage? On Sunday, Pastor Bo pointed out that a healthy marriage is similar to a healthy spiritual life… It’s all about who you trust. Share with your group ways you have grown to trust God with your life. Also, share those places or circumstances that have been hard to trust God. In the end, God delights in our faith to trust Him. Pray for each other in any areas you need that faith present in your life.