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Community Night

Tuesdays from 6-9pm in the Lower Atrium

Are you looking for a place to connect, play, talk, or create? Is your book club, small group, hobby group looking for a space to meet? Do you want to create a welcoming, safe space in our community for connection and conversation?

Community Night happens on Tuesdays from 6-9 pm in the Lower Atrium at Westside Church. Entrance is through the Eastside Atrium Doors.

We have lots of space and look forward to getting together and connecting. If you are interested in starting a group, joining a group, bringing a group, welcoming others, or just looking for a place to hang out on Tuesday evenings, then Community Night is the place for you.

We have a strategy board game group, an artist group, a teen-friendly DnD group, a 35-50 social group already happening. People are also welcome to just come and read or work on their own, or bring a friend and find a quiet spot for a conversation. You can stay the whole time, or drop by anytime between 6-9 pm. We have simple snacks and hot drinks for free.

“We are an open mixing place for the general public, but we are strongly committed to bringing together people who may not normally spend time together in the hope that they will become friends, seeking deeper relationships with each other and with the community. A sign I once saw in an old café window proclaimed, “There are no strangers here, just friends who haven’t met,” and that pretty much captures what we’re about.” ― Ray Oldenburg, Celebrating the Third Place: Inspiring Stories About the “Great Good Places” at the Heart of Our Communities