Dear Westsiders. 

Thank you for continuing to be a part of our For the City Campaign! Your consistency to give generously and allow us to show for our community especially in this season has been incredible. We wanted to give you a quick update on all that God has been doing through us in this time. Check out our video update above.

For the City FAQ

What is For the City? 

For the City is a 2-year giving and engagement campaign that we launched on Easter 2019. It was birthed from our Vision of seeing the life and love of Jesus flow through our neighborhoods and workplaces and every school, business, area and arena of our city- through US. This is God’s heart- He loves our city and that love should radiate through His people. 

When does the For the City campaign finish? 

We will celebrate the completion of the For the City campaign on Easter of 2021! We are so grateful for all of those who have pledged and have been giving monthly or as they have felt led to give. Your generosity in your giving to Westside Church and in your giving to the For the City fund enabled us to be a present help in time of need to our city. Thank You!

Although the giving campaign is ending next spring, our heart for being a church for the city has only grown.This is OUR calling, not just pastors, church staff, or missionaries, but everyone. We all own this. Being “For the City” is part of our identity and will continue to happen in every neighborhood and Home Church- through simple acts of kindness as well as coordinated opportunities.  

Did we complete all of the For the City Initiatives? 

For the City launched with 6 Initiatives: An East Side Church Plant, A Latino Ministry, an emphasis on City Without Orphans/Local Outreach, New Media to reach Everyone, Everywhere, increased City Impact and a Downtown Building. As the video reflects, we have launched and have great movement on 5/6 of our planned initiatives! For now, we have put any plan for a Downtown Building on hold. A physical structure has not seemed like a necessary focus in the midst of Coronavirus restrictions. However, we will revisit this dream of a space in the center of our city with you, when the time feels right and as we feel directed by Jesus. 

What’s Next?

Our For the City Campaign and giving has enabled us to launch out into loving and serving our city well. We have made headway in our initiatives, but more importantly we have seen God weave His heart for our city into the tapestry of who we are as Westside Church. Being For Our City is now a beautiful part of our identity, created wholly by the individual threads of Westsiders like you showing up for our neighbors and community both individually and collectively. Moving forward, we foresee the life and love of Jesus flowing even more deeply through our Home Churches, Community groups, Youth and Young Adults, and the relationships each of us have built. We impact our cities through everything we do, and through everything we are as God’s people. We are teachers, doctors, parents, marketplace leaders- independently playing a part in our shared mission and vision. Every day we champion, carry, and resource our city. In this time especially, our city needs a church like that. A church that shows up and remains steady with all of the work there is yet to do.