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Global Outreach

Mission, Vision, & Partnerships

The mission of Westside’s Global Outreach is to help people around the world know Jesus and become more like Him.

Our vision is that everyone everywhere will experience the life and love of Jesus. We envision the love of Jesus being poured out through His people to all His peoples, like rivers of living water overflowing their banks.

We will partner, and we will go. We have developed strategic and ongoing partner relationships with missionaries on the field. We provide care and resources and send small teams of people to support their ongoing work.

Westside Global has three focus areas and two partner organizations. We partner with Bold Ventures in Eastern Africa, and we partner with Foursquare Missions in the European countries of Croatia and Bosnia and also in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

Field Updates and Opportunities

Bold Ventures
We partner with Bold Ventures to extend the life and love of Jesus to the ends of the earth. Your regular giving supports a network of village pastors that are training & sending African missionaries to unreached tribes throughout East Africa.

If you feel the call to get on a plane and serve in Africa personally, we will be taking a team from Westside to East Africa in December this year. Watch for updates and get ready to go to the mission field!

Foursquare Missions
We partner with Foursquare Missions in Croatia and Bosnia and also in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

Our Croatian partners have been helping provide transportation into Croatia, as well as lodging and jobs, to families from Ukraine who have lost their homes in the ongoing war.

Our partners in Mexico have planted a local church and are ministering to local families and youth. Please pray with us as we send our first team since 2019 to Mexico this July to participate in the launch of our partner church’s very first youth summer camp!

We are planning to send small teams to both Europe and Mexico in 2022! More information and dates to come.

Questions? Contact us and select Local & Global Outreach.

Give to our Ministry Fund to support the ongoing work of Westside’s Global Outreach.