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May is Foster Care Awareness Month

Last year, 11,238 children spent time in foster care throughout the State of Oregon.

66.1% spent time in more than one foster home. Many were split from their siblings. And right now, there are 8 children over 10 right here in Central Oregon awaiting homes. 

We envision a world where family is restored to every child. We see the family being redefined, beyond blood or relation, as people who take care of each other because they see the face of the Creator in the faces of each other. 

Let’s partner together to see and surround children and families, and to support and encourage the city agencies who are courageously advocating for the safety and well-being of children. Let’s bring the Hope of Jesus to our city.

Two Opportunities to Get Involved:

Foster Family Appreciation Project

In the month of May, we want to help Every Child give a Family Fun Box to every foster family in Central Oregon that includes:

  • Family-focused activities and fun items for kids: Arts and crafts, board games, puzzles, baking items, sports balls, educational activities, $25 gift cards.
  • Foster Parent appreciation items: Candles, journals, soap, lotion, blue tooth speakers, tools, $25 gift cards. Anything that shows love and care! 

To join in, bring any of these unused items to the Westside Church office by May 6th (Office Hours are M-TH 9-2).

Birthday Club

Birthdays are more than just a day to receive presents, they help you to feel special and to know that you matter. But many foster children are likely to receive very few or even no gifts on their birthday.

Our Birthday Club fills this gap, purchasing presents for foster kids and others identified as children in need. We have a beautiful opportunity to make a child’s birthday wishes come true while surrounding parents and foster parents with care and support.

Two Live Zoom Events to Learn More:

Discover Meeting: There is something you can do to support vulnerable kids

Attend a live zoom event hosted by Every Child on May 11th to learn how you can be involved in supporting vulnerable kids in care and those who serve them. The meeting starts at 7:00 pm and will finish by 8:30 pm. 

Explore Fostering: What it’s like to foster children in Central Oregon

Every Child is hosting a live zoom event on May 21st from 7:00 pm-8:30 pm for anyone interested in an inside look at foster care. You will learn about the process and hear from foster parents about what it’s really like to foster kids here in Central Oregon.

Thank You so much for helping ensure that every single child experiences family and that no family walks alone! For more information or questions regarding Foster Care in Central Oregon, contact us here.