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Summer Park Days

Tuesdays @ 9am-11am, All Summer

Westside Kids would like to invite parents and their children to join us for fun-filled mornings at the park every Tuesday from 9–11am during the summer months. These events will provide opportunities for parents to play and interact with their children in an outdoor setting while also allowing parents from Westside to connect with each other!

Each month, we will host the event at a different park to allow parents living in different parts of the city to attend.

We will also provide snacks and refreshments for everyone to enjoy. We encourage parents to bring a picnic blanket and additional snacks if they prefer.

We request that parents supervise their children at all times during these events to ensure everyone’s safety.

This will be a great opportunity for families to spend quality time together, make new friends and enjoy the beautiful summer weather. We hope to see you at one of the parks soon! No need to register—just show up!