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Steve Mickel

Pastor Steve sits down with Redmond City Council Member Ginny McPherson on Election Day.

Hi everyone. I wanted to give you an update on our plans for reopening the building for church services. Recently I visited a friend’s church in California who has been meeting in person for several weeks. It was great to worship with other people and feel the energy of the church gathered together. We miss it. We miss you.

Every week the Leadership is evaluating and assessing the viability of meeting. We feel it’s not the right time at this moment, but we are actively rearranging our meeting spaces to accommodate for social distancing and the other guidelines needed. Our plan right now is to roll out a few gatherings of 100 or so later this fall, beginning with leaders and home churches, people who are serving, and continue from there.

In the meantime, our community needs us. With schools not meeting in person, I want to challenge our home churches and every Westsider, to look for ways to help families around you, in your neighborhood, or from work. Maybe it’s providing daycare once a week or group learning opportunities. Our city needs us, not just to meet on a Sunday but to meet their needs on a Monday. So let’s do what we can to show them we love them, we care for them, and we are here for them.

If you’re not in a home church, I encourage you to start one or find one on our website. Nobody needs to walk alone. Gathering in small groups all over our region is one way to receive the connection and community we all desire.

For more information check back here at We will be updating the church every two to three weeks on our plan to reopen the building.

We love you. We miss seeing you in person. And we are praying every day that Jesus will have his way in our lives, in our church, and in our communities.