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For Westside Youth’s Parenting Series, we will bring you varied perspectives and information on kids and youth to help you parent on-purpose and raise kids who know and love Jesus. We believe it’s helpful to hear from different voices from our schools and community even if they differ from our own views. These varied perspectives help us make the best decisions for our kids, know what they are facing and how to communicate with them.

On January 17th, Pastor Josh Cordell will be speaking about what kids wish their parents knew. Join us to learn more about what youth are thinking and talking about! This event will take place in the Westside Chapel from 6–7pm.

Childcare is provided for birth through 5th grade, but please register your child so we know how many kids to anticipate.

If you or someone you love is in a season of grieving, loss or sadness we want to invite you to walk with others who are on the same journey.

Grief Share is a place to process you pain with others and gain some tools for the road ahead. Led by Pastor Cliff Murray, this class has helped dozens of others process their season of loss and has provided them with a community of love and care.

In 2023, Westside Church will be offering a series of Spiritual Formation classes called Practicing the Way. Each class will take a deep dive into a specific spiritual practice that will teach us how to be with Jesus, how to be like Jesus, and how to do what Jesus did.

Join us on Sunday, January 22nd and Sunday, February 5th for our next class that focuses on Community. We’ll learn about how Jesus modeled a life in community, why sharing life with others is so important and how we create a regular rhythm of community in our busy lives.

Childcare will be provided for all ages via Westside Kids.

Westside Youth will take a break from our mid-week meetings on Monday, December 26th and Wesdnesday, the 28th. Enjoy your time with friends and family during this week!

We will see you again on Monday, January 2nd and Wednesday, January 4th!

Join us for our upcoming Winter Session of Women’s Bible Study!

We start on January 24th and will be going through an exciting study called Jesus and Women. Come explore how Jesus generously restores dignity and honor to women in the first century and now.

We’ll be following along with Biblical culturalist, Kristi McLelland, as she transports us back to Jesus’ world, following in the footsteps of the women who came face-to-face with the Living God. Over 7 sessions, we’ll examine the historical and cultural climate of first-century Middle Eastern society to not only understand Jesus more deeply but to fuel our worship of Him today.

Our Vision for Women’s Ministry is to provide a place for women to feel welcome to join our bible studies throughout every season of their lives. We know women are busy and carrying the weight of many different challenges and responsibilities all with the expectation of holding it all together. Our desire is for you to feel encouraged, strengthened and loved no matter what you are experiencing in life. Come whether your life is falling a part or if it’s all coming together. We are here to help you connect with other women and to help you grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus.

Connect and build relationships with other Women at Westside! Register for our one of our Tuesday morning or Wednesday evening groups.

Christmas Eve is coming up and Westside will be hosting four candlelight gatherings on this special day!

We are looking for volunteers to help with greeting, ushering, serving coffee, photography and helping in Westside Kids classrooms with children ages 0–4 years. Sign up to serve today!

Westside Youth will take a break from youth group meetings on Monday, November 21st and Wednesday, November 23rd during the week of Thanksgiving. We hope you enjoy the holidy and we’ll see you after the break!

Join with us to bring joy to a child this Christmas! The Westside Giving Tree provides an opportunity to come together as a communituy to bring joy and delight to hundreds of children on Christmas morning. Through partnering with multiple nonprofit and city organizations, we have identified children in real need and The Giving Tree serves these specific children and families.

This Christmas, we invite you to choose a personalized tag—or several—and then go shopping for the described gifts. Families, friends and coworkers can join together to choose and fulfill tags. The Giving Tree Volunteer Team will make sure that all the gifts are wrapped and delivered on-time for Christmas morning. Start by selecting your digital tags today!

We are excited to announce that this year our 3-year-olds–5th graders will be putting on a Christmas performance in the main services at both 9am and 10:30am on December 11th. The performance will consist of a short play and a few songs performed together with our worship band.

How do we sign up?
If your child is interested in a speaking role:

Our Kindergarten–5th graders will be able to audition for speaking roles. If your child is interested in a speaking role, auditions will be held on November 20th during the 10:30am service. They will need to inform their teacher of that day that they want to audition.

We are asking that different age groups memorize different lines to deliver for their audition.

Here is a link to the full script.

  • 4th-5th Graders: Please memorize all of the lines for Narrator 3 in Section One.
  • 2nd-3rd Graders: Please memorize the Emperor’s line in Section Two. Also be prepared to act as a cow, sheep and chicken described in the line from Narrator 1 in Section One.
  • K-1st Graders: Be prepared to act as a cow, sheep and chicken described in the line from Narrator 1 in Section One.

All kids chosen to be in the skit will be expected to be at both services on December 11th, and at rehearsal on December 4th for an hour after the 10:30am service.

If your child is not interested in a speaking role:
All other children who are not interested in a speaking role, but want to participate, will be a part of our choir. We will be rehearsing our song in each of our Sunday school classes starting on Sunday, November 13th. We will be practicing each week leading up to December 11th.

If possible, we would love for all choir members to also be there for both services on December 11th! If that isn’t possible, then whatever service children are there for that day will be the service they perform in.

If your child does not want to participate in the performance at all, please have them plan to attend main service with you on December 11th.

We would love for you to practice these songs at home. Here is a Spotify playlist with the versions of the songs we will be using to practice.

Come connect with other women at Westside!

We’re hosting a potluck style brunch and celebration on the last day of our Fall Bible Study Session. We’d love for you to join us! We’ll have a panel of ladies sharing their testimonies and stories of how their faith has grown. 

This is a perfect opportunity for ladies new to Westside or who have not participated in our Bible studies before to get connected.

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