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Begin Introduction

What a great decision you just made!

What a great decision you just made! Our greatest desire is that you begin well. That you begin your faith journey in a way that will set your feet on a solid path to knowing Jesus, the One who deeply loves you. We have put together this Begin online course just for you. For these lessons, you’ll need a notebook or journal and a Bible (a digital Bible works great).

One of the best ways to grow in a relationship with God is by reading the Bible. The Bible is His written word to mankind. The Bible is full of history, poetry, prophecy and the story of Jesus Christ, all given to help us know God and thrive in a relationship with Him. A great place to start reading is in the book of John. If you do not have a Bible, take one from any of the chairs in the worship center or stop by the Information Center to pick one up for free. There is also a great resource online that provides free electronic versions of the complete Bible.
Begin Booklet
This booklet contains a four-week foundational Bible study covering topics suchas salvation, faith and assurance, the Holy Spirit, encountering trials in life and understanding baptism. We realize the most difficult part of any journey is traveling alone. Therefore, we have a team of people who have traveled this same road and one of them would love to talk with you and go through the four week Bible study to get you started. Simply email us at to ask for a Begin mentor. Essentials–Like most things that are meaningful and lasting, they all began with a solid foundation and clear direction. Essentials is a series of collaborative sessions examining the story of God and the story of us. Through short teaching segments and guided individual practicum, you will rewrite the story ofyour life, identify your core values and spiritual gifts and develop a personal mission statement. We will then focus in on the habits that will set you up for success and propel you toward the fulfillment of God’s dreams for your life. For more information and to register, please visit–We all grow better when we are connected in healthy relationships! To receive more information about Community Life Groups, Volunteering, and other Discipleship opportunities, contact us. Someone will contact you within 1-3 days to help you withyour next step!
Westside Church provides a variety of resources to help people grow in their relationship with Christ. Visit the home page to explore them.

This is a four-week foundational Begin Bible Study. We have wonderful people available who would love to mentor you through these four Begin studies. Simply call 541-382-7504 and ask for the Connections Pastor or email us at to ask for a Begin mentor.