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Parenting Summit

Are you curious what young people are experiencing and feeling right now?

I’ve noticed some very interesting trends and common feelings in the past year from the young people I mentor. This talk is a collection of what they’ve been saying.

Westside Family Pastor Josh Cordell also has a coaching/mentoring business where he meets with as many as 30 young people one-on-one in a week. They talk about goal setting, what’s working and what’s not. They build trust and open communication.

Wednesday, August 11th. 7-8pm at Westside Church. Free. Child Care provided.

We believe that God has created you to parent your kids with strength and purpose. Sometimes you just need a little support to navigate parenting’s unfamiliar terrain and our rapidly changing culture.  

Westside Parenting Summit is a resource to equip and encourage parents to create healthy and purpose-filled families. This online parenting conference, launched online on February 2nd, 2021, will provide insights from parents, pastors, and experts covering various subjects important to families. No registration is needed. You can access our content anytime, anyplace. 

Check back throughout the year to find age-specific content being regularly added to the Parenting Summit to support you along the way.  

For more information or questions, contact Westside Family Pastor Josh Cordell–