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Watch as Pastor David shares the vision of Community at Westside Church.

We are created for Community.

Everyone who walks through our doors should feel welcomed into the family of God. Community Groups bring this vision to life as we share our lives with one another. We believe everyone can thrive in community as we pursue the full life we are promised in Jesus…together.

Coming up:

Community Groups are Open!

We are looking for more Community Life Leaders and Hosts who will open up their homes.

Community is for Everyone.

Community Groups

The primary way we connect with others in close community. Groups meet throughout the city at various times.

Men’s Bible Study

Gather with other brothers in Christ to study Scripture, pray, & encourage one another toward Christlike manhood.  

Find a Group

Thursdays @ 6:30am in the Atrium (FUEL)

Mondays @ 7:00am in the Chapel

(no signup necessary, just show up!)

Women’s Bible Study

Study Scripture & journey through life with other women around topics of calling, courage, & purpose.  


In-Person: Sept 14-Nov 2 (Tuesday Mornings)

Online: Sept 14-Nov 2 (Tuesday Evenings)

Activity Groups

Westside activity groups range from pickleball to book clubs and are open to all. This is a fun, easy way to meet new people! 

Find a Group

Adult Basketball: Email

Motorcycles: Email

Interested in leading a group with your favorite activity? Email

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