May is Foster Care Awareness Month

How to Help local Foster Families and Foster Youth

May is Foster Care Awareness Month! We want our Westside family to know that there are simple ways to support foster families and foster youth in Central Oregon. With the impact of COVID-19, there are even less families opening their homes, and more children suffering abuse and neglect.

Right now Every Child has a goal of showing appreciation to all 166 foster care providers across Central Oregon. Here’s how you can help:

  • Provide gift cards for groceries, meals, or family fun.
  • Build a flash box filled with activities, gift cards, and items for guardians and kids.

Sign up to provide gift cards, flash boxes here. Let’s help Every Child meet their goal!

Sometimes, foster parents have specific needs for the kids they are hosting —from car seats, to diapers, to bikes and more. If you are willing to meet these specific needs, please sign up to help foster families now and beyond the month of May, here.

PS: If you’re wondering if 166 foster care providers across Central Oregon is enough to meet the need of kids going into care… it’s not! There is a great need for more foster homes, especially during this season. If you’re interested in learning more about how to take the next step, visit to learn more about volunteering, meeting tangible needs, making a donation or explore becoming a foster parent or respite care provider.