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Easter Weekend VLOG

We often look at the events surrounding Jesus’ death and resurrection from 30,000 feet above. When you know a story from the beginning to end, you tend to lose compassion for how the characters are processing their current situation. The result lends itself to thinking Peter is weak for denying or John is fearful for running away. Truly, if we were put under the same pressure I wonder what our reaction would be?

We produced this video to identify with the disciples in the midst of some of the most important days of history. As we insert ourselves into the Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Holy Week, we see with fresh eyes how death, doubt, faith, and friendship can all play defining roles in how we process the story of Jesus and the cross.

Authors : Bo Stern and Casey Parnell
Composer : Casey Parnell
Producer : Amelia Rabelhofer
Video Editor : Trevor McCreery
Inspired by the book “A Glorious Dark” by A.J. Swoboda