Westside is a church for the city

We desire to embody the way of Jesus: to love God and love people. Like a river overflowing its banks, we see the gospel of Jesus moving into our neighborhoods, transforming lives and communities. As we intentionally engage in proximity to our city, we will see the life and love of Jesus bring transformation to everyone, everywhere across Central Oregon.

Our Vision for this Initiative

We want our legacy to be greater than what any one of us could do individually. Together- we can saturate Central Oregon and beyond- by genuinely doing what Jesus has called us to do: to love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength, and to love others as we love ourselves.

The gospel is transformative, expansive, Jesus­-centric, and for everyone, everywhere. This gospel gives us a clear mandate to be present with people; to be by their side in their suffering and in their celebration; to meet needs and champion the lives of others. We are compelled to move outside our familiar and comfortable environments to be with and for others – all others – always.

We envision a world where the Gospel is seen and not just heard – where the Church has a reputation for abundantly and generously loving people everywhere, always. We see ourselves with a seat at the civic table, working side by side with leaders in our communities to address the greatest needs – invited to this table because the evidence of our love for others has given us a seat. The love of Jesus will become clear for many – some for the very first time – both by what we say and what we do. As culture continues to drive people apart, we entrench ourselves firmly in the middle – showing people the love of Jesus and inviting them into the family of God.

Our Focus through 2021

The focus of For the City is to express the true gospel of Jesus to the city by moving closer in proximity to our city and being present with the tens of thousands of people who live and work in our neighborhoods.

6 Strategic Initiatives

Eastside Church Plant

Send a core launch team of 100 leaders and dedicated pastoral leadership to plant a church on the eastside of Bend in the fall of 2019 that we believe will grow to 500 by 2021.

Spanish Language Ministry

Build a Spanish language, culturally-bridging ministry within our church, resulting in a weekly bilingual service of 250 by the end of 2020, and continued community transformation through expanded influence.

City Without Orphans

Actively surround every child with family and commit to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in our community through at-risk family care, fostering and adoption.

New Media

Utilize technology and media to reach everyone, everywhere in Central Oregon – so all can hear our message of the Gospel.

City Impact

Act as liaisons between God and our city, engaging with leaders in Government, Education, the Nonprofit sector, and the Marketplace and ask them the question “How can we help?”

Downtown Facility

A new address at the heart of our city as a tangible expression of our commitment to live and love people where they work and play. Make room for hundreds more to gather for worship, teaching and community connection.