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City Impact

We will act as liaisons between God and our city, engaging with leaders in government, education, the nonprofit sector, and the marketplace standing shoulder to shoulder with them, constantly asking them the question, “How can we help?”

september, 2020

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A key way that we can make an impact in our city, is by resourcing our schools. Our schools need weekly volunteers, event volunteers, and yard work and snow removal volunteers. They also need our consistent prayers and our positive reinforcement. We need to love them intentionally, both individually and corporately. We are looking for present school volunteers who may want to step in as a Westside volunteer coordinator, and we are looking for new volunteers. 

Our schools involvement is still in development, however we are already stepping in where asked. We are helping resource the schools with needed projects, and we are helping resource the parents through our Parent Education talks. 

Nonprofit Sector

We have Westsiders involved all over Central Oregon with Non Profits! We want to build on these connections, and we want to hear your ideas for partnering with meaningful projects.  We would love to see our individual Westside volunteers in every nonprofit connect with each other, for relationship and for impact in their place of serving. If you are involved in a nonprofit, and would like to represent Westside there- please let us know!


We are looking for people that want to impact our city government by extending the life and love of Jesus at city council meetings, through committee involvement and through prayer. If that’s you- let us know. We would like to explore how we can better meet our cities needs, things like warming shelters and homelessness. If you have a heart to lead in these areas, lets talk.

Seed Money Needed: $170,000
• Salary for City Impact Pastor
• City impact grants for the benefit of our communities

Opportunities for Engagement: All our Community Partners are nonprofits or government agencies and they need ongoing support and engagement. We are ready to help coordinate that engagement for greater impact. See website for a full list of our community partners.