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New Media

As technology creates new opportunities for people to connect, we will leverage these opportunities to expand our voice from Bend to all of Central Oregon. We believe many will hear the Gospel first in their homes and in their cars, moving the ‘front door’ of our church from our building into the cloud.

We will utilize technology and media to reach everyone, everywhere in Central Oregon – so all can hear our message of the Gospel. Already Happening: Since 2014, we have invested in major audio/visual infrastructure, broadcast equipment and internet capabilities. Our recent addition of Facebook Live has tripled our live audience and engagement during services online. In 2018, we had 23,500 podcast downloads, 113,000 visitors to and 17,800 views of sermons online.

Seed Money Needed: $68,000
• Connect our services to live TV (airtime donated)
• App development for events, registrations and discipleship tools
• Additional service broadcast equipment
• Moving camera rig for live TV
• New ASL live stream

Opportunities for Engagement:
Social media experts, broadcast hosts, camera operators, audio engineers, coders and app developers