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Generosity || The Heart of Giving

Everything you have is a gift from God. He’s generous, and he wants you to be generous, too. The Bible says, “A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed” (Proverbs 11:25 NIV). Doesn’t that verse just make you smile? There’s a reason why it always feels good to help others, whether you’re giving financially, giving materially, or giving of your time.

We came up with a few fun ideas of ways to be a generous person:

1. Serve a meal time at the Shepherd’s House.

2. Volunteer at your kids’ school.

3. Invite someone over to your house for dinner.

4. Work the concession stands at high-school games.

5. Get to know your neighbors.

6. Start a “youth pack” through the Westside Youth program.

7. Compliment 5 people you don’t know today, in person.

8. Write to a person who has been made fun of, or hurt via the internet, and praise them in some way. It doesn’t have to be someone you know.

9. Tell your parents/mentors you love them and tell them one thing you have learned from them.

10. Send out an e-mail or text to someone you rarely communicate with, encouraging them.

11. Donate an outfit that is nice and professional to a group helping men and women find employment.

12. Give someone your undivided attention, leaving your smart phone off.

13. Strike up a conversation with someone while waiting for public transit, or in line at the store. Ask them how there day has been, what was the best part, etc.

14. Do chores for someone who is having a rough time, or going through a bad situation.

15. Give a gift through the Westside Giving Tree.

16. Create a poem, song, or story and give it to someone you love.

17. Pray for someone and write them an anonymous note letting them know.

18. Help someone get a job (help resume build, pick out outfits, give advice or just plain encouragement).

19. Look someone in the eyes and tell them you appreciate them.

20. The next thing someone compliments you on (‘Oh I love your earrings!’) just give that item to them.

21. Babysit for free for some stressed out parents. Let them have a date night or even just a night to get things done kid-free!

22. Give away books you have already read with a hand written message in each one.

23. Share your knowledge or skill with someone who has never tried it.

24. Take a walk with someone and genuinely listen to how they are doing.

25. Skype a long distance friend or family member.

26. Forgive someone who has hurt you. Let them know.

27. Volunteer at church (there is ALWAYS a need for volunteers in every area)

28. Leave a small word of encouragement or kind compliment for your server on the receipt at dinner (next to the tip J )

29. Bake cookies or buy a bottle of wine for new neighbors who just moved in as a “welcome to the neighborhood”

30. Buy a pastry for the person behind you in the Starbucks drive through

31. Park in the back parking lot at church for new guests to have the closer spots.

32. Focus on one close friend/family member every Monday; cover them in prayer and send them an encouraging text to tell them you’re doing so.

33. Bring donuts to work for your coworkers every so often just because.

34. Give up buying “fancy coffee” and give that $ instead.