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Good Friday

Isaiah 53:3-9  

The Voice (VOICE)


So he was despised and forsaken by men,

this man of suffering, grief’s patient friend.

As if he was a person to avoid, we looked the other way;

he was despised, forsaken, and we took no notice of him.

Yet it was our suffering he carried,

our pain and distress, our sick-to-the-soul-ness.

We just figured that God had rejected him,

that God was the reason he hurt so badly.

But he was hurt because of us; he suffered so.

Our wrongdoing wounded and crushed him.

He endured the breaking that made us whole.

The injuries he suffered became our healing.

We all have wandered off, like shepherdless sheep,

scattered by our aimless striving and endless pursuits;

The Eternal One laid on him, this silent sufferer, the sins of us all.

And in the face of such oppression and suffering—silence.

Not a word of protest, not a finger raised to stop it.

Like a sheep to a shearing, like a lamb to be slaughtered,

he went—oh so quietly, oh so willingly.

Oppressed and condemned, he was taken away.

From this generation, who was there to complain?

Who was there to cry “Foul”?

He was, after all, cut off from the land of the living,

Smacked and struck, not on his account,

because of how my people (my people!)

Disregarded the lines between right and wrong.

They snuffed out his life.

And when he was dead, he was buried with the disgraced

in borrowed space (among the rich),

Even though he did no wrong by word or deed.

Good Friday is a time for families to spend it in contemplation, in prayer, and in thankfulness to Jesus for His sacrifice on the cross. Here are some ideas of activities to do as a family.


• Read the story of Jesus’ crucifixion from a Children’s Bible for younger children. There is great value in reading straight from the Bible especially for older children.   

Matthew 27:32-56, Mark 15:21-41, Luke 23:26-49, John 19:17-37


• Make Jesus a “thank you” card. Encourage your children to create special cards for Jesus, thanking Him for His sacrifice, His suffering, and His love for them. Help younger children in writing what they want to tell Jesus. 

• Have a special meal together. Eat a simple meal together as a family. Make it a solemn, holy affair. Light candles. Gather around the table, and have everyone share why they are thankful for what Jesus’ did for us on the cross. Pray and thank God for the perfect gift of His Son.