Home Church

News and updates on Home Churches below. To join or host, visit our Home Church page.

Home Church Leadership Training

On Wednesday, April 28th at 7pm we are gathering a small group of Westside Home Church leaders to have a round table discussion about the future of community at our church. This is a time where we want to hear from you. This is not a one way discussion. Pastors Steve and David will set...
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Breakfast Each Week for Warming Shelter

Shout out to Westside Home Churches in partnership with our Outreach team! This month we are partnering with Shepherd’s House to support their warming shelters with breakfast each week. Home Churches stepped up to meet the need in such a beautiful way. We love partnering with our city!  
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Home Churches Supply Gear for Africa Outreach

A simple email to home church leaders addressing supply needs for an outreach trip to Africa ended up bringing in donations totaling around $1500. Brent Earwicker, Global Outreach Coordinator said, “I wanted to report that Westsiders were so generous, purchasing most of the items off the Amazon wishlist: tents, sleeping bags, boat parts, lifejackets, &...
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Reopening Strategy

Hi everyone. I wanted to give you an update on our plans for reopening the building for church services. Recently I visited a friend’s church in California who has been meeting in person for several weeks. It was great to worship with other people and feel the energy of the church gathered together. We miss...
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Home Churches Are Now Open

We are so excited to be opening up our Home Church Initiative that allows Westsiders to gather for church in homes based on your comfort level. You may be ready to meet for an online service together in a home as extended family; or some of you may be ready to meet in a mixed...
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We’re Looking for Home Church Hosts

When the stay-at-home order begins to lift, we will be launching Westside Home Church, an exciting opportunity for smaller groups of individuals to gather to worship and care for one another in homes until we are able to safely meet as a larger gathering in our church building. We are looking for 50-100 hosts to...
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