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Hope is an Anchor

Hope is an Anchor is an Easter song. Not in the sense that you can only sing it when peeps and cadbury eggs show up in stores (mmmm…Cadbury eggs), but in the sense that it really is about the resurrection of Jesus, the truest hope of every Christ-follower. There are quite a few worship songs about hope and anchors these days, and I think it’s because Hebrews 6:19 is poetic and powerful and really good song-writin’ material. More than that, I think it’s popular because it provides SUCH a beautiful picture for people (people like yours truly) who often feel tossed and tested by the storms of life. People who need hope, and anchors. When it really came alive to me though, was a few years back when we unexpectedly entered a season of life where hope felt lost. Ever had one of those? It was a season where dear friends and family were suddenly diagnosed with things like breast cancer and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Dreams? Dormant. Expectations? Unmet. We felt hopeless around nearly every turn. So I ran to chapters like Hebrews 6, and found inspiration, peace and even the start of a song.

If you really read Hebrews 6 though, like really read it, the verse that has inspired so many songs, lands in its own little storm. It’s a storm of words. They are words that require a lot of context to fully grasp. What I realized in my hope-search was that while Hebrews 6:19 is not directly about the resurrection of Jesus, in a grander sense, it very much is, because of another verse you may have read.

In 1 Corinthians 15 the apostle Paul gives us a piece of life-altering truth. You should read it for yourself, but in my own paraphrase it simply says “No Easter, No Hope.” If Jesus didn’t rise from the dead, then this is all just a big sham and there’s no hope for any of us. But here’s the thing…if He did come back from the dead, if the historical evidence is accurate and the tomb is empty, then my friends we have found ourselves quite an anchor. It’s an anchor of hope. A hope that stays put, regardless of trial or change. A hope that says in essence…life goes on.

Hate your job? Life goes on.

Relationships falling apart? Life goes on.

Bad diagnosis? Life goes on.

Death? LIFE. GOES. ON. And always will, if we put our hope in resurrected savior of the earth, Jesus.

– Corey

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