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I Heart 365

Thank you Westside for your extreme generosity 365 days a year. Last year through I Heart 365 texting, you generously gave $7055.00 worth of items which included clothes, furniture, diapers and baby items, household items, and gift cards. We provided practical help for people from various walks of life that needed a reminder that they are seen and deeply loved.

 Read this story below to find out how your giving through our community partner, Pregnancy Resource Center, has transformed a desperate situation.

All Sorts of Tears 

“Janet” and her husband walked through our doors with their 4 month old in her arms. The look on her face told me she really didn’t want to be pregnant, but she knew that she was. She had taken a couple home pregnancy tests hoping that they had been wrong, but at the end of our visit she had a decision to make. She had 3 young children at home, plus the one in her arms and now the one God placed inside her. Her husband travels for work and she expressed that there was no way she could have another baby. She just couldn’t do it on her own. She and her husband left, still unsure of what to do, but they knew that life was precious and could never terminate the pregnancy. A few weeks later they came back for an ultrasound and their faces told a new story…they were happy. They had settled into the fact that they could do this and would find a way to make it work. As our nurse scanned her abdomen, the evidence presented itself, she was having twins. When the nurse confirmed that she was seeing two babies, the reaction from mom was less than what we expected. Tears streamed from her face, followed by deep, heavy sobs. The ultrasound had to be stopped so the parents could have a moment to express their fears. Two more babies. That would make six, under the age of nine. Despair took over and the questions began. How can we do this, we can’t afford it, our house is too small, we didn’t want one baby now your telling we’re I’m having two. The rest of the appointment was filled with tears as she tried to digest the enormity of the situation facing her.

Fast forward to 20 weeks into her pregnancy. After reaching out to Westside church for help, our office was filled with clothes diapers, swings and gifts for the parents of these twins. I had the joy of placing a phone call to let them know we had a special gift in our office just for them. As this mom of expectant twins walked in the door, already looking full term, her eyes overflowed with tears of disbelief and joy. Strangers knew her need and without ever meeting her believed she was worthy of such lavish gifts. Darling clothes to outfit their new babies, enough diapers to ease their burden and a brand new double stroller to allow her the mobility she will need with her new growing family. Her husband, a big man, broke down as well. We seldom see men crying as they come into our center, but today we all cried tears of great joy and happiness. Quite a difference from the tears we experienced just a few weeks earlier.

So now we wait in anticipation for the twins to arrive. Life will have moments of trial, but Janet and her husband know that they are cared for. It has been our joy at the Pregnancy Resource Center to pray with them and to extend the invitation to come to church and to remember that God loves them, sees them and knows every detail of their life. This was no accident and his church will be there to support and encourage them throughout this journey.

-Written by Leanne Woods

Pregnancy Resource Center

Bend Director


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