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Memorial Stones : Looking Back To Look Forward

After God miraculously made a way for His people on dry ground through the Jordan River, He commanded them to build a memorial with stones representing each tribe. The stones were to serve as a memorial for God’s forgetful people of His mighty power and relentless love. It was within the context of community and reflection that God was glorified and His people were reminded of the God they served. Yet, God was calling them onward to His promises, to defeat the enemy and to posses the land in greater ways.

God calls us to remember too. To remember the amazing things He has done in our lives and the ways that it demonstrates His unchanging character. God beckons us to cross over into the Promise Land He has prepared for us. He alone knows our forgetful hearts and the reminders of His faithfulness we’ll need along the way. Like the Israelites, taking memorial stone moments to pause and reflect allows us to move forward into the new things God has with courage and faith. In this, we look back to look forward.

Like the stones of each tribe mounted on the shore of the Jordan, it’s time for us to gather our memorial stones together. What are the tales of God’s amazing works in your life? How have you seen Him miraculously intervene in your desperate situations? What are the echoes of His love and grace that we all need to hear?

Share your brief testimony of the mighty works of our amazing God in the comment section below. Stir our community with faith, honor God for His goodness, and let the generations behold Him. For He is good and ever will be.