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What’s Happening at Westside

Updates from Westside ministries

Children’s Day Celebration

Children are truly a gift to the world and to our community. So often they lead the way in showing us how to love without prejudice, to create without fear, and to explore without hesitation. They teach us to live in the moment, to be present with those around us,...

Community Group Questions – 4.10.22

Pray: To open your time together. Read: Mark 11:1-11 Consider: Some thoughts for your group The process of the disciples seeing Jesus for who He is comes to a climax in Mark 11. Once Peter proclaimed that Jesus is the Messiah (Mark 8) Jesus began to speak plainly with them...

Better Together – Staying in Love

At Westside we believe that part of being a healthy church means healthy marriages. This doesn’t happen without intention. Falling in love is often the easiest part of a relationship. Staying in love takes work, time, and commitment. Let’s learn, together, what is needed to Stay in Love. Join us for...

Thank You For Your Generosity Toward Our City & World!

Locally | We donated over 1,000 pounds of food through our recent canned food drive! Every month, Westside provides quality groceries for 50–75 families at our Free Food Market because of your continued giving. Globally | Your faithful giving to Wetstide’s General Fund allowed our church to contribute $10,000 in...

Community Group Questions – 4.3.22

Pray: To open your time together. Read: Mark 8: 1-38 Consider: Some thoughts for your group One of the things that makes the gospel according to Mark so special is his storytelling ability. Chapter 8 is a masterful example of Mark’s ability to not only pass along the good news...

Community Group Questions 3.27.22

Pray: To open your time together. Read: Mark 4:35-41; Psalm 44 Consider: Some thoughts for your group. Stories with great heroes need memorable villains. Before Mark tells the story of Jesus’ showdown with death, he pits Jesus against all kinds of lesser bad guys – demons, sickness, hunger and storms...

Spring break YTH schedule

We are having a middle and high school hangout on Monday from 1-4pm in the student center. Games, snacks and lots of good times. No Evening Youth Group during spring break. No Middle school Monday night. No High School Wednesday night.

Community Group Questions – 3.20.22

Pray: To open your time together. Read: Mark 4:1-34 Group Questions: In verses 1-8, Jesus teaches that a farmer seems to be scattering his seed indiscriminately. Some on the path, some on the rocks, some among thorns. Finally, the farmer does hit his target on good soil, which produces a...

Westside + Ukraine 🇺🇦

How can we work together to support those impacted by Russia’s war against Ukraine? Westside has donated $10,000 from our General Fund to Foursquare Disaster Relief — part of our broader church family — and their ongoing relief efforts through local Foursquare churches in Europe. These funds will directly provide...

Canned Food Drive

We can do it! Our annual canned food drive is happening this week, and all donated pantry items will benefit our monthly Free Food Market . We will have a drive through and drop off option this Wednesday, March 16th from 10am- 3pm, or feel free to swing by the...
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