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Westside One: Philippians Graphic

Westside One: All Church 6-Week Study in Philippians

One Book, One Series, as One Church

For six weeks, starting Sunday, April 7th, all of Westside will dive into the book of Philippians in our Sunday gatherings, men’s and women’s Bible studies, community groups, youth services, and kids’ classes. 

Not sure which group to join? Pastor Evan and Pastor Dave will be leading a large discussion group for Westside One at the church each Monday night from 6-8pm in the lower Atrium. No need to sign up, just come ready to engage with the book of Philippians in conversation with other Westsiders.

If you consider Westside your home church, we’re encouraging you to attend services on the weekends (in-person or online) + 1 other group meeting during the week.


Click a box for this week's Podcast, Study Guide, and Discussion


A Deeper Dive

Listen each week as your pastors discuss a section of the Book of Philippians.

Study Guide

Read • Reflect • Pray • Memorize

Grow individually or in your group with a guided study through a portion of Philippians.

Westside Kids


Engage your children with a weekly thought and questions from the Westside Kids’ team.

Westside One Groups

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Group NameDayTimeDescriptionLocationTypehf:tax:age-grouphf:tax:day-of-the-weekhf:tax:frequencyhf:tax:genderhf:tax:size
Bilingual Nights: Westside One
Bilingual Nights: Westside OneWednesdayEveningA bilingual group for Westside One studying Paul’s letter and …2nd-3rd Grade RoomWestside Oneadultwednesdayweeklyall
Westside One: Philippians Graphic
Early Morning CoffeeThursdayMorningThursday Mornings @ 6am Rebecca Larkin is hosting a Westside …Wild Roots CoffeeWestside Oneadultthursdayweeklywomen
High School Youth Group
High School Youth GroupWednesdayEveningHangout, worship Jesus, eat, and get to know each other.Student CenterHangout, Westside One, Worship Gatheringyouthwednesdayweeklyalllarge
Men's Bible Study (Mon AM)
Men’s Bible Study (Mon AM)MondayMorningComing together to grow in our walk with Jesus.ChapelBible Study, Small Group, Westside Oneadultmondayweeklymensmall
Men's Bible Study (Thurs AM)
Men’s Bible Study (Thurs AM)ThursdayMorningA time for men to come together to learn, share, …Lower AtriumBible Study, Small Group, Westside Oneadultthursdayweeklymensmall
Middle School Youth Group
Middle School Youth GroupMondayEveningHangout, worship, food & opportunity to get to know Jesus …Student CenterHangout, Small Group, Westside One, Worship Gatheringyouthmondayweeklyalllarge
Redmond Group
Redmond GroupWednesdayEveningWednesday Nights @ 6pm Ginny McPherson is hosting a Westside …RedmondWestside Oneallwednesdayweeklyall
Redmond Group
Redmond GroupTuesdayEveningTuesday Nights @ 6pm Todd Peplin is hosting a Westside …RedmondWestside Onealltuesdayweeklyall
Sisters Group
Sisters GroupWednesdayEveningWednesday Nights @ 6:30pm Charlie & Deirdre Kanzig are hosting …SistersWestside Oneallwednesdayweeklyall
The Gathering
The GatheringTuesdayEveningA group for singles and marrieds without children ages 30-50Lower AtriumHangout, Westside Oneadulttuesdayweeklyallsmall
Westside One Monday Nights
Westside One Monday NightsMondayEveningPastor Evan will lead this Westside One Group during community …Lower AtriumWestside Oneallmondayweeklyall
Westside Young Adults
Westside Young AdultsTuesdayEveningA time of worship, learning, & connection for anyone that …Student CenterHangout, Westside One, Worship Gatheringadulttuesdayweeklyalllarge
Women's Bible Study (Tues AM)
Women’s Bible Study (Tues AM)TuesdayMorningSmall group-based studies, seasonally in 8-week sessions throughout the year. ChapelSmall Group, Westside One, Worship Gatheringadulttuesdayweeklywomenlarge
Women's Ministry at Westside Church
Women’s Bible Study (Wed PM)WednesdayEveningSmall group-based studies, seasonally in 8-week sessions throughout the year. ChapelSmall Group, Westside One, Worship Gatheringadultwednesdayweeklywomenlarge
Youth Bible Study
Youth Bible StudySundayMorningStudents 4th-12th grade walk through the entire Bible at 9amStudent CenterBible Study, Westside Oneyouthsundayweeklyallsmall
Youth Church
Youth ChurchSundayMorningConnection, worship, and teaching for middle and high school studentsStudent CenterHangout, Westside One, Worship Gatheringyouthsundayweeklyalllarge