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I Heart 365 is our Outreach texting system! Short explanation? We send out needs via text, and you, upon receiving the text, have the ability to respond to those needs that resonate with you or that match a resource that you already have. (bicycles, extra coats, baby supplies, ect.)

OK! So how does it work exactly?
1. Trusted agencies, or one of our own Community Group leaders, calls Westside Church and asks if we can help with a specific need for a family or an individual.
2. We send out a brief text describing the situation and the items needed. 3. Those who would like to respond bring their donations to the Westside Church office.
4. Westside facilitates delivery of all of the donated items to the family or individual in need.

It’s that simple! And because I Heart 365 is a group of more than 800 people who want to help those struggling in our community,  there is never any obligation to respond to a texted need unless you feel inspired to.  Also, we intentionally only send out two I HEART 365 text needs a month, in order to choose prayerfully and facilitate well.

To sign up for our I HEART 365 texting line, and start hearing about specific needs and opportunities to help, text ih365 to 313131. 

March Update on our most recent ih365 requests:

In March, we sent out two I Heart requests- and as always, the Westside community responded with empathy and generosity.

Thank You to those who brought sleeping bags, gloves, coats, hand warmers, toiletries and gift cards in support of the Bend and Redmond Warming Shelters.

So grateful for this outpouring of love
Kind and caring Staff member
A safe and warm place to rest

Our second March I heart request was in aid of a Family of 6 who were in need of household items for a housing transition. Thanks for being extended family to this family in need!

Partnering with a Family Access Network staff member to care for a local family of six!