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Thirty Foster Families Blessed

Thank you to everyone who participated in this month’s Foster Family Appreciation Project! There are more than 260 foster families in Central Oregon, and every single one of them received a “Family Fun Box” through our partners at Every Child. We were able to bless thirty of these families with these resources because of your generosity. Here’s a note from our partners at Every Child Central Oregon (ECCO):

Dear Westside Church,

Thank you so much for continuing to show up and give to our local foster families. It was so amazing that you assembled and delivered to 30 families in Bend. These families were so appreciative and blessed by your generosity. Again, thank you for partnering with us and giving your hearts to children and families in our foster system.


your ECCO team

Thank you for donating the items, counting and sorting the items, shopping for the items still needed, assembling the bags, and delivering them.  This project had 22 volunteers with a total of 50 hours serving.

With this event, we were able to communicate to these families that they are seen and loved and appreciated for the hard work they are doing by taking care of our city’s “orphans”. 

So, job well done, Team!