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First Thursday : Matthew 4:5-7

March 10, 2022

Today we look at the second temptation of Jesus in the wilderness and practice a Breath Prayer using the phrase, Abba Father, I receive Your grace.

Lent: Meditation and Worship
First Thursday : Matthew 4:5-7

Sermon Transcript:

:08 Welcome to the meditation and worship series with west side church. Over the next few weeks, we will be meditating on scripture and diving into some practices. As we walk through the season of lent. Our hope is that over the course of this Lenten season, this time of meditation and worship can be a breath of fresh air as we journey towards Easter together. So let us start by pausing for a moment and focusing our attention to Jesus. May we be expected of the movement of the holy spirit in our time together, if you are in a place to do so, close your eyes, hold your hands out in front of you in a posture of surrender, take a deep breath in and out and another in and out,

01:13 It has been said that the 40 days of lent are to mirror Jesus 40 days in the wilderness. This week, we're taking a closer look at Jesus' time in the wilderness and what we can learn as we step into 40 days of emptying ourselves in preparation for the celebration of Jesus' resurrection on Easter today, we are looking at the second temptation of Jesus in the wilderness, Matthew chapter four, verses five through seven, and the devil took him to the holy city, Jerusalem to the highest point of the temple and said, if you are the son of God, jump off for the scripture, say he will order his angels to protect you. And they will hold you up with their hands. So you won't even hurt your foot on a stone. Jesus responded the scriptures also saying you must not test the Lord, your God.

02:20 In the second temptation, the enemy is testing Jesus, faith in scripture and belief of it to be true. The enemy himself is even quoting scripture. He is taking what is written and again, twisting it for his own purposes. In this instance, Jesus is tempted with proving an action. What he had just claimed in speech with the last test, the enemy is tempting Jesus with the assurance and proof that what the father spoke over him is in fact true. Is he really a beloved son? If so, the angels will surely protect him. But again, Jesus won't fall into the trap of proving anything by testing God's words. Have you ever found yourself testing God, looking for proof that he is who he says he is. Sometimes we can find ourselves bargaining with God for the smallest amount of evidence that what he says is true. How many times have we found ourselves praying? If you would just do this one thing, then I would know that you're real. It can be difficult for us to trust and have faith in the extravagant love and grace of God. Today, we're going to start with a short moment of confession. Bring those moments of testing and bargaining back before Jesus, lay them at his feet, ask for forgiveness.

04:24 We're going to practice a breath, prayer, close your eyes. If you're at a place that will allow you to do so Together, we are going to inhale with the words of the father and exhale with I receive your grace. Let's do this together. Inhale Abba, father exhale. I receive your grace inhale of a father. Exhale. I receive your grace, Inhale up a father, exhale. I receive your grace. Take this prayer into your day, allow it to speak truth and bring peace. You are loved. You are seen and you are cared for. Thank you, ABA for not being put off by our constant questioning and meandering thoughts. Forgive us for the moments when our faith has fallen behind fear and that's all we can see. Thank you for consistent. And ever-present grace that we can hold on to grant us peace and rest today. And remembering you are who you say you are. And we are who you say we are. We love you.