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Fourth Tuesday : Matthew 9:20-22

March 29, 2022

Today we continue looking at the miracles of Jesus and how he meets needs while also revealing the heart of our Father. We practice encouragement today by being aware of those we encounter with kindness and acknowledging our neighbors.

Lent: Meditation and Worship
Lent: Meditation and Worship
Fourth Tuesday : Matthew 9:20-22

Sermon Transcript:

:07 Welcome to the lent meditation and worship series with west side church. Our hope is that this time can be a breath of fresh air. As we journey towards Easter together, We'll start by pausing for a moment And focusing our attention to Jesus. Let us be expectant of the movement of the holy spirit in our time together. If you are able close your eyes, Hold out your hands in front of you. Take a deep breath in And out And another in And out This week, we are continuing to take a closer look at some of the miracles of Jesus while he was on earth. Matthew chapter nine, verses 20 through 22, Just then a woman who had been subject to bleeding for 12 years, came up behind him and touched the edge of his cloak. She said to herself, if I only touch his cloak, I will be healed. Jesus turned and saw her Take heart daughter. He said, your faith has healed you and the woman was healed at that moment. Jesus has always had a way of making space for the unseen, the unnoticed, the outcasts. This woman was the lowest of the low

01:51 First. She was a woman and women ranked little above children and slaves then, And on top of that, she had a disease that cast her out of her community.

02:05 She

02:05 Had been trying to get healed for 12 years. She knows that her inferior status prevents her from approaching Jesus with the confidence that other people do. So she thought that if she could just touch him, just touch his cloak, that she might finally be healed. As she reaches out and touches the hem of his garment, Jesus stops. He knows. He turns and he sees her Not just the physical woman in front of him, but he sees her heart. Her need her despair. Jesus sees all of her. And in moment, as he acknowledges her and speaks to her, he makes space for her. He brings back dignity to her that had been stripped away. Take heart daughter. Your faith has healed you Again. We see Jesus meet her physical need and healed her disease. And also at that same time revealed the heart of the father. She was unseen by the rest of the world and deemed unclean, but the father saw

03:36 Her.

03:38 Jesus shows us the heart of the father for his children. Jesus brings humanity to those that the world has decided are undeserving. And he still does this. He shows and teaches us to do the same. If you are someone who has felt unnoticed by the world, let me encourage you today and remind you that you have a father who fiercely loves you. A father that sees you A father that knows you, Take heart, dear child, and reach out for Jesus. Again, Let him meet you in the unseen places. Let him speak a life over you. Once again, Let your faith grow a little more today and trust this to be true Today. We're going to take some time to practice encouragement and speaking life over people.

04:53 We

04:54 Have learned again and again, how to be combative and tear each other down with one swift word. But that is not who we are meant to be. That is not the way of Jesus. So today, as you go throughout your day, pray a quiet prayer of blessing over those. You encounter Find someone to encourage today, A simple acknowledgement of them with a smile or a hello or a thank you can go a long way. Father. We know that you see us and that you love us and that you care about us. We also know that you care about every person. We come into contact with Open our eyes, to see people the way you see them and to treat others with dignity, Grow our faith a little more today. As we reach out to you, Jesus, We love you. Amen.