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Network Churches

Westside Network Churches (WNC)

Westside Church has a heart to resource other churches, and to see leaders developed. Shared resources and leadership development are two of the benefits of Westside Network Churches(WNC).

WNC, with Westside Sisters Church as our first addition, is a network of churches with compatible vision and mission, shared philosophy of ministry, similar theological foundation, and a commitment to relationship and mentoring. The purpose of the WNC association is to gather churches with the same DNA and partner together for increased Kingdom impact.

While each church will continue to have their own distinctives, Westside Network Churches will also intentionally develop shared values and ministry philosophy. Thus, the similarities in ministry style and feel add a family resemblance aspect to the churches within the network. WNC are not held together by following a set of rules and regulations, but through intentionally built relationships based on Gods mission, mutual respect and trust.