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Serving to Find Connection


Have you ever thought, “Wow, this church is so big, it’s really hard to get connected.”?

For a lot of us, we want to take a step toward connecting more deeply to those in our world. Our family, our friends and neighbors; we long for community.

Kellie Mickel shared her story of how she and her husband got connected.

Like many of us, they felt it was so hard – almost too hard – to get connected in community here at Westside. However, they chose to take just one step and soon the bigness of Westside changed.

When we first started attending Westside about 6 years ago, we loved it but felt it was so hard to get connected; to find our tribe, our community within the greater community of Westside.

After listening to my longing for community over the course of weeks, my brother-in-law, Steve, kept encouraging us to join a serving team. He told us, there is no better way to get connected to a community than to serve together. We decided to take a step forward by going online and checking out what Westside had to offer. To our surprise, we found out we could sign up for a serving team right there! Too easy!

Around this same time, Westside was doing their annual Connection Fair, where all of the ministry teams, serving teams, recourse groups, etc., come together in the atrium. Anyone and everyone can come and speak with a leader for each of these areas and get connected.

Again, we decided to take another step forward and signed up for the coffee fellowship team. From there, over the course of the next few years, we signed up for Youth Ministry Special Events, Ushering, Greeting, Fostering Hope and TRAC Camp.

A little bit later, we got involved in the Ministry Training Institute (MTI) on Monday nights as well as with Westside’s Community Partners: Shepherd’s House and The Giving Plate.

Call us crazy, but we were desperate for community.

The relationships just started flowing from there. The more we served, the more connected we became and the more relationships we built!
Eventually we discovered our ‘fit’ within the body and scaled down what we did. Now it feels like home and family here at Westside.

Community permeates everything we do. There is no better way to get connected to a community than to serve together, be on mission together and share a common purpose together.

Here at Westside, we aspire to be a movement of believers, sinners and dreamers who are extending the Life and Love of Jesus to everyone we meet. We are on mission everywhere we go and as Westsiders we are a part of a movement of grace.

Want to get connected? Join a serving team and be ON MISSION with us!

Connection Fair coming to ALL campuses at Westside this September!!